Monthly Archives: August 2015

There is nothing wrong with us

Oh, this is very common. That is anxiety. This is depression. Take that pill. Call this therapist. He will help you to build up some coping skills. A few more milligrams of this chemical in your brain, a few more tools in your emotional tool belt, and you’ll feel just fine: Coping.

Coping with…

Pardon me?

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This quitter isn’t giving up

Apparently I am a quitter. I didn’t know this about myself, until suddenly, this year, I observed myself quitting things. Quitting takes a lot of courage, I discovered. In both circumstances, I felt that I was faced with a horrible choice: A) Stay the course, stick it out, and live up to the expectations other people have of me (or the expectations I imagine they have). B) Do what my gut is telling me is the right thing; listen to my heart, listen to my body; stop this; walk away; rather than saving face, save yourself, protect yourself. Continue reading