Monthly Archives: May 2010

Give beets a chance

gold beets

I have this theory that if I take the right approach, the right attitude, I can trick myself into liking almost any food. The theory rests on the foundational concept that there are very few foods that actually taste ‘bad’… it usually boils down to preferences for certain textures, flavors, et cetera. And often, all that is necessary to expand our preferences, to take new tastes from foreign to familiar, is a second chance, or a third, or a fourth, along with a little mental coercion, i.e. “Mmm, okay, this is what a fig tastes like. This is what a fig issupposed to taste like, therefore this fig tastes good.”  Foods that have been transformed from foes to friends via this strategy include figs, grapefruit, gouda cheese. This week, I claim another victory: beets!

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