Monthly Archives: June 2015

There is work to do, and I cannot wait

Yesterday, we received a piece of good news from our nation’s capital. “Love wins,” a hyperbolic declaration. Everyone now has permission to make a legal commitment to the person you love, and no one (one being government official) can tell you it is wrong, no one can deny you the right, no one can pretend that you are less human than your neighbor or that you are less deserving of legal protections. No one can say that your love is less beautiful. Continue reading


Charleston, and what I want from white people

Recently, I had been avoiding the news, opinion pieces, and participation on social media, because I needed a break from all the mess of oppression in its various forms. But I have this to say about the terrorism in Charleston. I am speaking to white folks. You are probably horrified, as is appropriate. You are probably sad, and maybe you are expressing grief, in an effort to acknowledge that black lives matter. And if you are a person of faith, perhaps you are praying for healing, justice, and change. I appreciate your compassion. Your horror and grief is different than mine, because sadly I am not surprised. Shocked, yes. Traumatized, yes. Afraid, yes. Surprised, sadly no. Continue reading

welcome and unwelcome company

I have this small dry erase board in my kitchen where I write myself reminders. Sometimes they are love notes to myself. “You are home. You are safe. You are whole.” Sometimes they are quotes that I love most. e e cummings. Maya Angelou. Toni Morrison. Right now, it’s a list of reminders, of things I need or want to prioritize in a season of uncertainty and potential joblessness. Continue reading