Monthly Archives: November 2010

Why Life is Not Like Su Doku

Here is a non-secret fact: I am a nerd and I like puzzles. When I finally gave in and became a smart phone owner about six months ago, the ‘apps’ I fell the hardest for were Word Mole and, of course, Su Doku.

Part of why I like puzzles is the simple fact that I like mental activity. Exercise for my brain. But I also love the satisfaction, the gratified feeling I get when I solve the puzzle. Su Doku is like a massage for my brain because there is a method, a strategy, a set of rules you follow in order to get an expected result. It is a problem with a clear solution, and if you follow a prescribed set of steps, you are fully able to arrive at that solution. If I am smart enough, patient enough, methodical enough, then I will be able to solve the puzzle, and obtain the gratification and peace of mind I am so desperately after. “I did it! I figured it out!” And if I don’t solve the puzzle, it’s because I made a clear misstep – there was one box where I got it wrong, and spoiled everything that came afterward.

Much to my dismay, I am learning that life is nothing like Su Doku.

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