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Edible: foodie student survival

There are a few challenges I’m experiencing related to being 4 years out of undergrad and now re-entering the student lifestyle. One is that this weekend I spent 5+ hours per day reading books and articles on social welfare policy and intervention strategies for at risk youth. And this was my lightest reading week. Good thing it is all fascinating stuff that I want to learn. I can only pray that my reading speed increases as I get back in the academia game.

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There is that moment after a crazy week – whether it is a project at work, a major life event like a wedding or moving – when you walk into your house, close the door, set down your keys, pause and realize, “I made it.” You realize you can stop living under the tyranny of the urgent, stop the¬†hyper-vigilance¬†should you need to react immediately to a crisis. I remember taking a deep exhale while talking to my friends in April, and saying in a very sober tone, “It’s about to start.” “It” being what has been for me a 4-month marathon of events, transitions and challenges. And now, having unpacked the last box shipped from California, the madness is over. I made it to the other side. Finally, I can let my guard down, go home, and rest. Oh wait, that’s right… I am “home.”

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California to Carolina

We made it! As I type them, those words fall kind of flat. I feel like I need some fanfare, or flowerly language about what it was like to make the drive, but all I can think of are post-game stats. 8 states in 5 days. 2,554 miles. 5-1.5 liter bottles of water. 3 variations of you-call-these-scrambled-eggs? at the complimentary hotel breakfast.

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