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On marriage and family and partnership

I am 29 years old and unpartnered. I use unpartnered as a stand-in term for ‘single’ or ‘unmarried’. Some folks balk at the word “partner”, thinking it automatically implies a same-sex relationship. I used to think the same, but as my network of relationships grew beyond Christian churched folks, I came to understand the word “partner” as a way to be more inclusive regarding the varied ways adults make romantic commitments to one another. Continue reading


“Nos vemos”

Six and a half weeks later, my “life as usual” feels years and miles away. But just  hours from now I’ll be in a cab on my way to the airport. My last days in Lima have been positively lovely, and they have allowed me time to say farewell bit my bit, time to absorb all that I have been blessed to experience in the time I’ve been here. I typically shy away from using that word, “blessed.” Due to the cynicism that has emerged in my late twenties, the word rouses my suspicions, and often strikes me as insincere… but in this circumstance it rings true for me.

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