Monthly Archives: October 2012

Names matter

For the first time in 16 years, I am insisting that people call me by my full first name. Well, I don’t really have to insist. People here don’t know me as anything different, which has made it easier to consistently introduce myself as “Mawiyah” to new people I’ve met.

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Food for fall, food for thought

Fall is creeping in. He advances a few steps, allowing temperatures to drop and draining the moisture from the air, for just a few days. The humidity is like a 10 lb weight on your shoulders that you didn’t realize was there until it’s gone. Suddenly, in its absence, everything becomes easier. Walking, breathing, going about your day and your work with positivity thanks to the gift of crisp air and blue skies. Then, just as sneakily as he came, fall retreats, leaving us Carolinians at the mercy of the muggy vestiges of summer.

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