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Buttermilk Biscuits

My roommate of going on 7 years often tells people that I am the one who taught her how to cook. I feel flattered every time she says this, because she is really a great cook herself… but when I look back at our dorm room days, I realize I have saved her from a blunder or two.

That same roommate will also attest to the fact that I have some control issues when it comes to the kitchen, but when I focus on breathing deeply and handing over my authority, I actually really love to help those who lack kitchen confidence to discover that they too can prepare delicious meals and enjoy the process.

In that spirit, I am hoping for the “Edible” section of this blog to be a way for me to share my enjoyment and knowledge of cooking with those who might be intimidated by trying new foods & methods, or baking from scratch. Because I believe if you have the tools and are willing to take just a little time (I rarely spend more than 45 minutes making anything), everyone can learn to love cooking.

Are you willing to journey along with me? Good! This will be fun. =) Now, let’s talk biscuits.

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Why I Aspire to Failure

I just got back from Indianapolis, Indiana, where I got to attend Christian Community Development Association’s national conference. It was just as encouraging and challenging as in past years, and it feels pretty cool to hear ‘big names’ in the Christian faith (John Perkins, Jim Wallis, Shane Claiborne) speak to thousands of men and women from around the country about what it means to love the poor in a way that reflects the heart of God, and honors the image of God in every man and woman.

There are also a lot of presenters whom I have never heard of, from places I’ve never been, who bring an incredibly diverse array of experiences to the conversations that take place. In addition to challenging and equipping one another to do more effective ministry, each person seems to tell an honest and moving story about the neighborhood they live in and the ways, big or small, that God is using them to love the poor.

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Grilled Cheese for Snobs

Gourmet versions of non-gourmet foods are all the rage right now, including an update to the American classic, the grilled cheese sandwich.

I will always claim to be an early adopter, possibly even an originator, of this fad.

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What’s for Dinner: Pizza!

Sweet & Savory Roasted Veggies and Brie Pizza, to be exact.*

Here’s a typical mid-week lunch ritual for me at the office where I work: I head to the fridge at about 11:35am, because I simply cannot wait any longer. I pull my packed lunch out of the fridge, preparing to plate or reheat, and someone, looking over my shoulder as they come into the break room to grab paper clips, says, “Wow… whatcha got there?”

I have a reputation for creating interesting meals. A plain turkey sandwich for lunch just won’t do. I need more sensory stimulation than that. Food is definitely a creative outlet for me, so I figure I may as well share some of my favorites, and how I go about creating new favorites. Follow along, and you too can wow your coworkers with extraordinary leftovers.

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