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“Nos vemos”

Six and a half weeks later, my “life as usual” feels years and miles away. But just  hours from now I’ll be in a cab on my way to the airport. My last days in Lima have been positively lovely, and they have allowed me time to say farewell bit my bit, time to absorb all that I have been blessed to experience in the time I’ve been here. I typically shy away from using that word, “blessed.” Due to the cynicism that has emerged in my late twenties, the word rouses my suspicions, and often strikes me as insincere… but in this circumstance it rings true for me.

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Un repaso corto de las semanas pasadas

We can find a sense of belonging in the most unlikely places. Last Sunday was “Día de los Padres” here in Peru, as it was in the United States. My host family invited me to join them at a family gathering for Father’s Day. Berta, my house mother, is one of 6 siblings, the youngest I believe. All her siblings but one came, along with their spouses and children. There were probably 15 to 20 people total. They gathered at the house of Berta’s brother, who also lives in Miraflores. Berta’s nephew, Wesley, spoke English very well, but Christy (my house “sister”) told me very sternly that we ought to speak in Spanish because I need the practice. Si, Christy, haré como dices.  Continue reading

Mi primera semana en Lima

I write to you from my modest bedroom in the house that is my home for the next 5 weeks. I am staying with a family of three: Berta & Leo are married, and my parents’ age. Their daughter Christy lives here as well, and works full time. Christy and I are the same age. Their family is almost a mirror of my own. Berta & Leo have a son, older than Christy, who lives in Boston, studying hospitality administration, just like my older brother did.

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