Talking to God (a poem, from years ago)

Hi… (ahem)… hey… (ahem, ahem)…
No, that’s too formal
And I am done with formal
We are through with these formalities
Let’s be honest, you and I

I saw you yesterday
I saw and smelled you in the air
Your healing rain had brought the
Whole world into focus and
I can see, clearly now, that you
Are healing the whole world, and me

I heard you the other day, in
The lengths of waves crashing all
Along the shore; and I recalled
That you are anything but safe,
And yet I am irresistibly
Drawn to you, and if not to you
Then surely to
These waves that you have made

I’ve found that I find you
With the most ease when I am
Splayed on the ground, on the floor,
Feeling the mass of the world below me
The expanse of the world above me

I’d much rather see and hear and
Touch and taste and feel and find
You here, cocooned in the warmth of
The sun, smelling the wetness of dirt,
Talking back to the leafy green trees
Than find you in sanctuaries that
Do not shelter

I’m so glad you’ve agreed, we can
Put away pleasantries,
Bows, and curtsies and courtesy,
And instead speak to one another in
The pure poetry
Of all things alive, all things made


12 responses to “Talking to God (a poem, from years ago)

  1. Leslie N'shama

    Simply beautiful!

  2. very relatable, and thats no small thing, love the flow and the gentle unfolding between old friends….loved it.

  3. Caroline Houppert

    Beautiful ❤

  4. Wanda McGuire

    Inspiring. I often find comfort in just “being’ in moment, knowing that God is all around me, that everything I see, feel, touch, smell, hear, sense are all part of His plan. Thank you for putting it into to words.

  5. I think you said some great things in that poem.

  6. Karlicia D. Berry

    I just read your post on the mighty. And it resenated with me as truth. Just read your poem It seems you have tapped into my heart and are reading it for me. I will be following you. You are needed in this world…thank you for giving me…us…your voice.

  7. I just read your story about self care in The Mighty. I’m eating a fucking salad too and I’m thanking the same god (the one who is there, especially in the ugliest of times), that I have this fucking salad.
    Thank you for being a voice that I can relate to. This whole mental illness thing is an exhausting, unbelievably difficult fight. I’m glad to have people such as yourself in The Mighty; your story isn’t over yet either.

    • It’s such a privilege to know that I am a voice you can relate to. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I hope you find the support and strength to keep fighting.

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