I feel this blog is in need of some more lighthearted content. So here’s a glimpse of North Carolina’s first winter snowfall from a few weeks back.


Morning view

As you can see, I took this picture from the comfort of my own home, because despite the party line I’ve been fed about North Carolina’s mild winters, I am cold a significant amount of the time. It’s tempting to avoid all reasons to leave the house when it’s less than 30 degrees out.

It snowed at night, and the sun was out the next day, so most of the snow was gone by noon. It was lovely while it lasted. Here’s what my dad had to say when I told him about it:


Hilarious, and adorable.

This week, it’s supposed to climb back into the 50s. Funny how it just takes a little ¬†perspective, and 50 degrees puts a bounce in your step.¬†I am already counting down the days until spring.


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