Pumpkin Cornbread

If this social work thing doesn’t work out for any given reason, I won’t be entirely disappointed. Because I’ve got this super sweet backup plan. I’ve joked with my friends for years about opening a bakery/cafe where I could basically prepare my favorite recipes for anyone willing to pay to eat them. Fancy grilled cheese sandwiches, a homemade soup of the day, and a diverse array of baked goods, including cocktail-themed cupcakes (I’ve already got tried and true recipes for mojito cupcakes, and stout cupcakes with Bailey’s frosting), my grandmother’s cinnamon rolls, my dad’s favorite oatmeal cranberry cookies,  buttermilk biscuits with rosemary and parmesan cheese. These are all actual recipes in the queue, I’m just waiting on the startup funds.

I’ve been recruiting a team of business partners so I can outsource all the unappealing tasks like accounting, marketing, complying with health codes, etc. I just want the luxury of baking at my leisure, and somehow sustaining a life.

All that preamble was to say… I discovered a new recipe to add to the imaginary menu. Pumpkin cornbread that is delicious whether you are in the mood for sweet or savory. After trying this, it will be hard to go back to Jiffy corn muffin mix, which is really saying something, because I am a big fan of Jiffy corn muffin mix, especially if you stir in half a cup of shredded cheese.

Here’s how it looked coming out of the oven. I wish you could smell it through your computer screen, but it’s probably for the best, since you’d drool all over your keyboard. By the way, if you are like me and have never gotten around to purchasing a proper cooling rack, an overturned muffin pan works just as well.

For the foodies, as with previous recipes, I encourage you to have all the ingredients on hand — the tablespoon of molasses along with extra virgin olive oil really brings out those delicious fall flavors.

I enjoyed my first piece with tomato soup, topped with cheese of course. This would be a fairly easy weeknight dinner. It’ll take you 10 minutes to mix up the cornbread batter, pour it in the pan, and stick it in the oven. Thirty minutes to do whatever  you please while it bakes, and after you take it out of the oven, while the cornbread is cooling in the pan, heat up some boxed tomato soup, and throw together a salad. Simply delicious.

I had my second piece with just butter and honey, which confirms that it would make a great breakfast bread as well. This would give you the opportunity to eat it for all 3 meals, which I might have to do this week, so that I can make it again as soon as possible.

I hope you try it. I know you’ll like it. And if you do try it, make sure you invite people over first. The aroma of home-baked  bread is to good to keep all to yourself.

Here’s where I found the recipe: Pumpkin Cornbread


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