Sunset Cliffs

Every time I am here at Sunset Cliffs, I am convinced it is the most beautiful place in the whole world.

I went for a walk here on Wednesday, just in time to catch the sun going down, and it hit me that I have less than a week left as a San Diego resident. Less than a week of frequenting my favorite places such as these. I suddenly feel compelled to spend every moment possible by the coast. I’ll be pitching my tent above the high tide line to maximize my sleeping, as well as waking, hours

It took me a long time to discover Sunset Cliffs. I remember the first time I went here was with my mom for a long walk, either for her birthday or on Mother’s Day. In any case, a mother-daughter day in San Diego, which we manage to do at least once a year. After that, it quickly became one of my favorite running routes, 4 miles from the south edge to the OB pier and back, with those crazy squawking parrots to cheer you on from their perch in the trees. Then there was Lauren’s birthday at the super secret beach, or the time I caught the middle-aged pot smokers hiding in the cliff face as I attempted to find a path down to the beach.

I have to remind myself that everything will still be here when I come back, unless a tsunami sweeps it all away. But until then, I am seriously going to miss OB sunsets, hippies, Hodads, and mojito cookies…


One response to “Sunset Cliffs

  1. They will miss you too!

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